The Beauty Benefits of Reducing Stress Through Yoga

Chronic stress can be contributing to your dermatological problems; for instance, 70% of cases of atopic dermatitis, which causes itchy inflammation of the skin, are linked to stress. Fluctuations in the stress hormone cortisol can also contribute to acne breakouts and accelerate the aging process. But there is good news; yoga promotes relaxation and mitigates stress, leading to better health and better skin. At Verona Yoga, we believe that yoga is key to achieving balance between the body and mind, and when you achieve that state of harmony, your inner beauty will shine through. Whether you’re looking to achieve clearer complexion, younger looking skin or a rosy glow, incorporating yoga into lifestyle can help.

Overcoming Stress With Mindfulness Provides Beauty Benefits

Stress causes inflammation throughout the body, which can wreak havoc on your skin. Inflammation is the body’s immunological response to a perceived threat; your body releases chemicals to give you the strength to fight off the source of danger, however, the stress response ceases to have a useful function when it is chronic and directed at everyday situations. For people who are already prone to inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne and rosacea, managing stress is key for healthier skin. Our restorative yoga class at Verona Yoga promotes better sleep and a sense of inner peace through the practice of controlled breathing and stretching, which makes handling the stress of daily life easier.

Sweating It Out Provides Stress Relief and Clear Your Skin

While relaxation is an important goal in yoga practice, yoga can also provide a vigorous workout that increases core temperature and gets your body moving. When you’re working out, you’re likely to break a sweat, which can benefit your skin in a number of ways. Sweat contains a natural antibiotic called dermacidin, which combats the acne-causing bacteria that clog your pores. Our infrared heated vinyasa class at Verona Yoga maximizes the benefits of sweating to cleanse your body and give you a glowing complexion. It’s important, however, not to let sweat linger on your skin for too long after your workout, as it can cause dryness and irritation. For this reason, thoroughly cleanse your skin using natural products after your yoga session to feel even more relaxed and promote even healthier skin.

Yoga Promotes Heart Health Which Keeps You Looking Young

A vinyasa flow can give you your daily dose of cardio and help strengthen muscles, causing your body to release endorphins and other stress-reducing chemicals. Studies also show that people who exercise regularly show slower rates of cellular aging, which means skin retains greater elasticity over time. Cardio improves circulation to the skin, which increases the rate at which skin cells reproduce and repair themselves. Yoga can also give you a natural facelift by temporarily reversing the effects of gravity with inversions such as downward facing dog, headstands and bridge pose. These asanas involve raising the heart above the head, which stimulates blood flow to the face and head to erase furrows and wrinkles, promote better sleep and reduce stress.

The joy and balance yoga can bring into your life will radiate outwardly as well. Reducing stress through yoga practice benefits every aspect of your health and wellbeing. Practicing with us at the studio and creating a daily practice at home can help give you the healthy, beautiful skin you deserve.